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6 Tips On Remote Work Success

You love being in an office because you love people and feel the office enviroment although sometimes SO ANNOYING is truly uplifting and where you need to be…it’s where your “files are” and where you spend most of the hours of your life.

And then came…COVID19.

Etroverts now find themselves forced to work-at-home because of a pandemic, a lockdown and now may be suffering from anxiety and the unknown

Here are 6 Tips For Remote Work SUCCESS!!

Promote regular check-ins: In a remote environment, people are literally alone…so it’s important to keep checking in and provide a vibe that “you are there because there’s so much happening”

Make deliberate connections: Find a reason to reach out to somebody. Don’t think that just because you are home no one wants to hear or read from you. In fact more then ever people want connections, so reach out and have a conversation. Of course like any enviroment there needs to be boundries and acceptance.. but take the time to reach out and have a conversation, it’s a mental health check.

Reassure employees about job status: Most aren’t sure what each day will bring and are worried they may lose their job. As a manager have open communication about where the company is at, have HR and managers discuss their job security, their importance and face their worries head on. It’s imporants people know the executive team is there and available since they can’t see that “the door is always open”

Update company policies to reflect COVID-19: HR has become the new corporate heroes as they are working endlessly to update company policies … nobody was expecting this so if you are unsure about something get out of your head coming up with answers for yourself an reachout to HR, or your leadership. Everyone in the company is in this together to help as everyone is in this complicated scenario. You are not alone with your problems as it’s not a company problem it’s a humanity problem and the companyis there to let you know, you matter….because they need you as much as you need them.

Relax: In general and around your rules with teleconferencing. It’s true not many people want to see your cat, dog or child but some people have no choice regarding “child care” especiallly since it’s illegal to lock them in a closet, basement or garage. So be understanding, record the meeting, ensure if you have your kids you can be present at the meeting…at a time e you are less “needed” especially since your personal and professional life have colided but so has everyone elses so give yourself space to breathe. This is life.

Bonus: Schedule remote work parties and events.

They are SUPER fun and engaging!!

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg but have a 5 a 7, where packages are delivered to their house and you hire a mixer…have online zumba classes just for your team…

Create and have fun!!

Remote work doesn’t have to be boring, mind numbing and anxiety ridden.

Remote work, is just that…remote…you aren’t out of site or out of mind, you are just not at an office, so show up and work as you are needed now more then ever!

For you. For your company. For the economy!!